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Introducing Trinity Asia, the unparalleled provider of Ready Solution Mobile Apps in the industry. Our innovative and customizable mobile apps blend design and development seamlessly, catering to the unique needs of businesses, whether big or small. Elevate your business with our cloud-based platform and team-friendly features. Join our community of satisfied customers and witness the transformative power of Trinity Asia’s Mobile Apps For Every Business! Unlock your business’s true potential with Trinity Asia today!

Where Mobile Apps Becomes Affordable

Why Trinity Asia?

1. More than 12 years experience in IT industry
2. We focus on fast affordable ready mobile app solutions for SME, Start Ups and Entrepreneur testing for a new business
3. Most affordable Mobile App Solution in Southeast Asia and Strong Dedicate Team
4. Like Airasia, with Us, Now all businesses can afford Mobile App Solutions.

Why Choose Mobile Apps Ready Solution?

1. Custom Development usually cost RM80k to 500k or more depending on the ideas and complexity of the project. So for SME, we dont recommend custom development at all.
2. Its fast and quick delivery, usually about 2-3 weeks only to complete a system setup
3. All our apps can be published to Google Play and Appstore
4. Its precoded and so our codes are stable and not easy to have errors. The truth is custom development even after you spend more than 100k on it, it may still have errors and in the end you will be spending more money than original quote. So thats why if you are not allocating that budget for an app, it is highly recommended to just take our Ready Solution. Its Fast, Convenient and Super Affordable 🙂

How To Subscribe Our Services?

1. Choose from our list of ready solution
2. We will send our promo package and demo app for the chosen solution
3. Choose between single or multivendor and between android or both android and IOS apps
4. Provide business name, we will issue official invoice
5. Make deposit payment and we will start work
6. Provide us with App Logo and choice of color theme, we will change the color theme and app icon for you. The app will be yours with your own brand and admin panel. Fully manageable by you.
7. System setup time about 2-4 weeks time. First update will be provided to you within one week time
8. System setup project completed, pay balance payment and we will submit the apps to Google Play and Appstore.

App Features


Discover the power of Trinity Asia’s Ready Solutions, designed to meet the unique needs of businesses across various industries. Our comprehensive functionality and customizable features empower businesses of all sizes to unlock their true potential. Join our satisfied customer community and experience the transformative impact of Trinity Asia’s Mobile Apps For Every Business. Elevate your business with Trinity Asia today!


Welcome to Trinity Asia, where cloud-based solutions revolutionize business. Our mobile apps combine seamless design and development to meet all business needs. Unlock your team’s potential with our cutting-edge platform, crafted to enhance efficiency. Join our satisfied clients and experience Trinity Asia’s transformative mobile apps. Elevate your business with Trinity Asia today!

Self Manageable

Trinity Asia’s mobile apps are incredibly user-friendly, allowing you to easily manage and customize your app. With intuitive controls, you can update content, design, and features in real-time, eliminating the need for complex development processes. Take control with Trinity Asia’s self-manageable solution for a dynamic mobile app experience.

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